I believe

in using our voices to cultivate a world of loving harmony and kindness.

Find a comfy chair. My musical journey is a tale as old as time.


Here's how it all started...

Once upon a time...

Born out of darkness and into the light, my childhood resembled Three Men and a Little Lady . After toddler-me attended the ballet, legend has it that I was not only well-behaved, but also mesmerized in my orchestra seat and came home begging for piano lessons.


Steel City Debutante

Recorder, tin whistle, violin, clarinet and choir filled my one-woman symphony. Many summers of music programs later, I attended the famous Interlochen Arts Camp as a violin major. While there, I learned to sing "Caro mio ben" while a girl in my cabin played Cinderella in "Into the Woods." I came home begging for voice lessons.


Windy City Scholar

Sitting in my sorority house at Northwestern University, I impulsively threw away a major paper the night before it was due. My new topic? A feminist piece about my plan to be a princess. My journalism skills joined forces with my royal vision. I came home with an A+ and a newfound mission to be an actress.


Grad Student By the Bay

Two degrees, vocal honors and a music theatre certificate later, I followed my dreams of sunshine and stagecraft to San Francisco Conservatory of Music. There I learned to mine the riches of the past and historical performance budded into a newfound passion. As my repertoire expanded from Baroque to Broadway and I championed the “in-between” area bridging classical and popular music, I graduated with departmental honors in early music, opera, voice and music theatre, as well as the Dean's Award for Service.


Turning Pro in the Big Apple

Five years ago I arrived in the city that never sleeps, ready to sing my little heart out to all who would listen. I've performed in intimate living rooms and on major stages, including Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. I've performed masterworks with symphonies and honed my recital and cabaret chops. I've counted my blessings in church choir lofts and shared hard-lessons-learned with my students. Day in and day out, I continue to re-choose the art I love so much. I’ve learned what I can offer and what I have to say. Through my life and craft - with a spoonful of music and lyrics - I aim to make my little corner of the universe a tiny bit more inspired.


Causes that have stolen my heart

Arts Education

Because our culture is our legacy.


Because knowledge opens the doors to opportunity.

Equality, Inclusion and Bullying Prevention

Because you are enough and a kinder world is possible.

Veterans Services

Because they risked their lives.

Adoption and Foster Care

Because every child deserves a safe and loving home.



If you would like me to sing, speak or teach a workshop for your organization, school or event, please contact me.

I would love to try and make it happen!

Looking forward to serving you!


Favorite Novel

A Farewell to Arms


Dream Table

Walt Disney, Fred Rogers, 

Clara Schumann, Charlotte Brontë,

Benjamin Franklin


Favorite Animal

Frog Prince


Favorite Disney Princess



Let's Bring Back

1800s Parlor Room Concerts


Quote I'm Living By

"I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection." - Emily Ley


Favorite Real Princess

Princess Diana



Italian & Lebanese



Aquarius (on the Pisces cusp!)