Our legacy of love is our never-ending story.

All that I am and all that I will become is thanks to the plethora of beautiful souls who have lifted me on my journey.

First and foremost, I thank God and my family for guiding me toward a grace-filled life. 

My friends, thank you for lifting me when I am low and grounding me when I am high. 

My teachers, from first encouragements to new challenges, thank you for always inspiring me to do and reach the greatest good.


Primary Acting Teachers

Cindy Gold (college) 
David Bell (college) 
Jen Waldman (current) 

Primary Voice Teachers

Stephen Totter (high school) 
Sunny Joy Langton (college) 
Sylvia Anderson (graduate school) 
Andrew Byrne (current) 


Website Miracle Workers

M-Power Studio (site design) 
Chia Messina (photography) 
Tia Byington Photography (photography)
Kersh Branz (photography) 
Michael Hull Photo (photography) 
Brandon York (videography)
Starling Memory Designs (graphics) 
Erin’s Faces (makeup) 
Inherent Style (styling) 
DryBar (hair) 


“There are two ways of spreading light:

to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

Edith Wharton