Create Your Cabaret

Waiting for permission is soul-crushing.

So let’s claim your stage, superstar!

You got into this business because you love to perform, and you recognize the power of live performance to impact lives.

Being an artist and sharing your art should not depend on a few select gatekeepers, but on your willingness to create. You must remember who you are, what you value and how you can contribute. Your voice is exactly what someone needs to hear, and it deserves to be heard.

Producing your own work puts you in the driver’s seat of your career and offers a deep sense of contribution and fulfillment.

There’s tremendous relief in recognizing the power of your own voice to do meaningful work.

Cabaret is the perfect way to venture into self producing, because it is a relatively low-risk way to share the best of yourself on your own terms. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to share your art with a full heart and a purposeful spirit.

As a music educator and performer with more than ten years of experience self-producing, I now encourage you to share your unique artistry with world by creating your own cabaret.

Holding nothing back, I’ll take you behind-the-scenes of my process, sharing every detail that has led me to New York’s most famous venues and helped me to raise tens of thousands of dollars for organizations I care about. I’ll share with you all of my mistakes, learnings, successes and lingering questions.

My desire - should you feel called to create - is to support you with all of the tools, accountability and encouragement you need to realize your artistic vision.

Let’s get going, because it’s time for your light to shine!


If you are…

An artist with something to say…who is aching to create…

A classical singer wanting to branch out…who is curious how to create…

A vocalist needing to share your voice…who is anxious to create…

A singing actor looking to give back…who feels inspired to create…

A musician with a song in your heart…who is jazzed to create…

If you are a performer…who is excited to create…

Then now is the time to

Create Your Cabaret

What it is

  • A summer-long course that teaches you the ins-and-outs of creating a cabaret

  • A process based class where you will choose a concept and work toward its fruition

  • A repeatable method of self-producing work that can be applied to future projects

  • A preparation workshop to learn what is required before stepping into rehearsal. ***Students who follow the system will be ready to step into rehearsal by the end of the summer. It is recommended that performances occur 6-12 months from the start date of this class.

  • A lab for you to explore and think outside of the box

  • A time to prioritize your art, your values and your vision

What it is not

  • A performance-based class. There will be no final performance, nor will any feedback or coaching be given on the quality of your instrument or acting choices.

  • A space for perfectionism, self-doubt, or indecision. To get the most out of this course, you must commit to moving forward with the process despite inevitable uncertainty. It is only through the doing that you will learn and grow.

  • A side project. You will need to invest as much energy into your cabaret as you would any other leading role.

Let’s plan a show this summer


June 3 - August 29

*Optional Kick-Off Meeting May 9 at 9:00 a.m EST


Remote - participate from anywhere!

Course Components

12 weeks of live group coaching Q&A calls

8 weeks of video lessons

8 weeks of supplemental worksheets

Private Facebook Community (Lifetime Access)


Week 1: The Beginning

Week 2: Theme

Week 3: Venue

Week 4: Music

Week 5: Patter

Week 6: Preparation

Week 7: Budget

Week 8: The Finish Line



Resources for reading, watching and listening

Live interviews with guest artists


*Must enroll by midnight EST on 4/28

My complete project timeline

Learn More

Share your voice

Steward your story

Never again fear the dreaded questions “What’s next?” or “What are you up to?” Once you learn how to self-produce, you will always be able to answer those questions with confidence, joy and pride.

In this class, we focus on one cabaret show per person (and you’ll likely get plenty of ideas for future shows, as well!) You can use what you learn here to create as many cabarets as you’d like in the future.

While this class focuses specifically on cabaret, much of what you’ll learn carries over into other genres of entertainment and special events, as well. Get your wheels turning and re-imagine what you believe is possible!

Week 1: The Beginning

We start by defining cabaret, examining your reasons for wanting to pursue cabaret and laying the groundwork for all that is to come. You will learn what to expect and how to set yourself up for success.

Week 2: Theme

This lesson is all about deciding on and developing a concept. We delve into possible themes and brainstorm together.

Week 3: Venue

Learn how to reach out to venues and discover which questions to ask before committing. We’ll discuss pros, cons and contract details for both traditional and alternative venues.

Week 4: Music

This week is all about choosing repertoire, as well as finding and working with musical collaborators. We’ll discuss playlists, musical arrangements, financial agreements and more.

Week 5: Patter

Let’s talk about how to talk. Communication with the audience is a keystone of cabaret, and we’ll learn how to share stories that draw your audience in, keep them engaged and help your show flow smoothly.

Week 6: Preparation

Rehearsing for a cabaret requires efficient planning. I’ll share my system for personal preparation, working with your music director and collaborating with other musicians so that you feel secure AND stay on budget.

Week 7: Budget

We’ll cover all of the required and optional expenses - everything from paying your music director to hiring a videographer. Planning ahead keeps you on track and provides peace of mind from unexpected expenses.

Week 8: The Finish Line

Learn exactly what you need to do in the final stretch - the last two weeks before the show, the day of the show and even after the show. I’ll give you all of my tips for keeping this time as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Weeks 9-12: Coaching and Implementation

We’ll continue our weekly Q&A calls through the end of the summer, giving you the time and space to synthesize and implement everything you’ve learned in the eight weeks of video lessons. We’ll get all of your ducks in a row so that, when the time comes to execute, you can step into rehearsals and market your show like the leading player you are.

What students have to say

“The video calls were most helpful! It’s great to learn from both teachers and peers! Gina’s experience and expertise were so valuable. I felt she could answer any questions I had about any point in the process of creating a cabaret. I’m grateful for all I learned!” - Meg Supina

“Taking this course really opened my eyes to the number of different kinds of things I can do if I produce my own cabaret. I feel like through this course I got permission to sing things that have always been on my bucket list but that always made me think, but I'm an opera singer, I can't do that. Gina really encouraged us to think outside the box and to dream big, even if not everything makes it into one cabaret. Now not only do I have a really fun cabaret program for my first show, but I also have a list of songs that never occurred to me to sing before that I want to use in future shows. I think this is a great idea and a great service for people wanting to expand their musical horizons and take a step in a new direction. I felt very supported and encouraged to JUST DO IT if I wanted to. Thanks, Gina!” - Anne Slovin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cabaret?

Cabaret is difficult to define, but most agree that it includes vocal music, speech and an intimate connection with the audience beyond the fourth wall. Traditionally, cabaret refers to the type of venue - one where people eat and drink at tables while they hear music. For our purposes, the term cabaret is used in the broadest sense of the word. Much of the material covered in this course applies to other special events and performance genres, such as recitals and benefit concerts. If you are unsure whether this course would be helpful for your project, please email me at to discuss!

Who is this class for?

This course is designed for professional artists who want to create a cabaret and are looking for guidance along the way. It is absolutely suited to someone wanting to produce either a solo show or a group cabaret. This course demystifies the process of producing your own work, offering ongoing encouragement and a strong foundation so that you can get going and move forward with your artistic vision. Lifetime access makes this course a resource that you can return to again and again throughout your process and as you create future shows. I believe that your voice deserves to be heard and want to help you bring that voice to life!

Do I need to be in New York?

No, not at all. People have participated coast to coast! The class is designed so that you can learn from the comfort of your home. All of our live calls will be recorded, should you be unable to join live.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes - you may pay in three installments. Students on the payment plan commit to paying all three installments.

When does the class begin?

Class begins June 3rd and lasts all summer. Enrollment opens April 24th and closes May 3rd. The kick-off meeting is May 9th.

Do I need to have a concept for my cabaret already in mind?

It’s up to you! We will spend the first couple of weeks brainstorming and fleshing out ideas, so it’s okay to start from scratch. That said, the weeks build upon each other, so you’ll want to commit to a concept fairly soon. If you are indecisive or would like more time, I recommend coming to Week 1 with a few potential ideas you’re really enthusiastic about.

What is the format and pace of this class?

Weekly modules are drip released (one lesson per week) for the first eight weeks. Each module includes a video lesson and a supplemental worksheet. We will also have a live Q&A call each week for TWELVE weeks to discuss the content and answer personal questions in greater depth. Within that structure, there is plenty of freedom to go at your own pace! With the purchase of the course, you receive lifetime access to the videos, worksheets, recorded calls and Facebook group! While the course is twelve weeks, it is meant to serve as an introduction and laying of the groundwork in the cabaret-creation process. The full process of creating your cabaret will likely take significantly longer than twelve weeks, and we want you to feel supported throughout the entire process.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

Yes, I do! You’ll also receive unlimited personal support in our Facebook group, as well as weekly live Q&A calls where you can ask individual questions and receive in-depth responses. If you want additional private sessions or would like to purchase one-on-one sessions without purchasing the Create Your Cabaret, please email me at with your specific needs.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds or exchanges, as per industry standard. This course is the right fit if you are deeply intrigued, utterly jazzed, and completely committed to creating your own work. If you follow the process laid out, I am absolutely confident that you will feel organized, joyful and ready to self-produce your dream cabaret.

Still have questions?

You’re always welcome to email me! Reach out at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Once enrolled in the course, please post questions in our private Facebook group so that the whole class can benefit.


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